Nearly one-hundred state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges and universities are required to participate in this evaluation.

​Mark Herron, the organization's Vice-Chair concludes the statistics speak for themselves. 

Who We Are

Our Democratic Party Remains Silent It's time the Democratic political establishment take note. As concerned citizens, business owners and community activists, we are no longer willing to innocently and without value offer our votes up to the Democratic Party on all levels without a meaningful response. We are not prepared to register as Republicans, however, we will give the opposition an opportunity to hear our concerns and act on them.The Black community fails, year after year, to make an impact and it isn't because we are not on the front lines, or not trying. It isn't for a lack of quality and qualified individuals and/or professionals that might be considered for quality employment and quality solutions for very specific areas of specialty. Doors continue to be closed infinitely more quickly than they are opened and we are losing the race towards equality.Frederick Harris, former Director of Public Safety and Service for the city of Warren, Ohio and the newly-formed organization's Chairman and spokesperson, raises critical issues such as education, jobs, housing, black-owned businesses and employment. All of which continue to be disregarded and our needs ignored.
MBE/EDGE Scorecard

Ohio's MBE/EDGE programs annual report and scorecard, published in October 2009 by the Department of Administrative Services, Equal Opportunity Division, show abysmal results in the area of purchasing and providing opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged companies.