It’s time we ( African Americans) stop complaining about our problems, quite blaming everybody else for the situation we have put ourselves in, high unemployment, lack of business opportunities and a host of other problems in the African American communities.

​ It’s time we got off our butts and started taking matters into our own hands.  Vote, make a difference use your vote strategically and make your vote count! 

​Listen to all main stream political parties; see what they have to offer before you decide which candidate you will support.  Don’t throw your vote away, make up your own mine; you have the right to control your own destiny.  Do not allow so called power brokers to  control your vote. 

​We, African Americans Democrats have been taken for granted for far too long, it’s time we sent a strong message,   we will not be taken for granted anymore!

The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights affirms we have a right to use our vote three different ways, you can vote for a candidate for public office, you can vote against a candidate for public office or you can strategically withhold your vote.  It’s time to act and show our Democratic party in Ohio the power or our vote!  We are Democrats, we will know longer be taken for granted.

​Its time brothers and sisters throughout the United States of America that our voices are heard loud and clear, our votes and our voices will not be taken for granted by any political party again. We will show the Democratic (our party) the State of Ohio and United States of America what happens when Black Americans use their votes strategically.

​The right to vote did not end segregation or produce liberation of African American people; rather it produced a means to organize African American people for a movement, for more fundamental change.  Every special interest group in the United States of America has sought to develop a plan for economic and political development for their race except African Americans.