WHY? Because many African-Americans believe their votes, their families and their interests have been taken for granted by Democratic leadership over the past thirty years. 

THE STRATEGY. Through the use of extensive earned media coverage, viral and social marketing through the internet, rallies, direct mail, media and other initiatives, the goal is to persuade tens of thousands of African-American voters not to vote in the Governor's race. 

​THE RESULTS. According to Vice-Chairman Mark Herron of Warren, Ohio, "this is a wake-up call".. Although he sees this as a benefit to the Republican party, he states emphatically that "African-Americans in Ohio can't be any worse off than we are now". 

From the county courthouse, to the statehouse, to the Whitehouse, politicians court our African-American votes and promise the sky. Unfortunately what we ultimately receive is just that.... promises. 

BLACKOUT2010.ORG will be raising funds to communicate its powerful message throughout the State of Ohio and the nation. Your donation will allow us to continue this movement. 

Send Check or Money Order to:


P.O. Box 4204

Warren, Ohio 44482